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Sun Jun 8 11:33:34 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 07:46:34AM -0700, Brian Reid wrote:
> Sale, rent, whatever. It's $1000/year that I'll have to pay to use IPv6. I know there are fee waivers in the beginning, but I don't care about the beginning. I care about the long term, and committing to $1000/year long term for the use of something that cannot possibly cost more than $10/year is, in my opinion, bordering on criminal.
> You will not convince me that it costs more than about $10/year to do all of the administrative processing needed to remember that I am the authorized user of that portion of the address space. If I were the only user, then, yes, the cost of maintaining an administrative staff would be more than $10/year. But in the fullness of time there ought to be millions of people using it, and tens of millions a year is the kind of thing that I expect ICANN to spend, not ARIN.

	it may not take more than 10/yr to track that you are who you (still) say you are
	and are tied to the resources we think you are responsible for. Randy was on the
	right track w/ the x509, whois, and DNS services.

	that said, ARIN does a bit more than act as a title office.  stuff our members ask
	us to do. that stuff costs and members -to date- are willing to pay for it.

	arin does not have millions of members, even though there are millions of folks
	using IP space.  unclear that arin will -ever- have millions of users.
	Heirarchy is a good thing.

> When you finish making fun of me for asking the question, it would be good to have a factual answer. Pompous assertions that I must be ignorant else I would understand why they have to charge so much are neither factual nor answers.

	not making fun or being pompus, or infering that you are ignorant.  simply correcting 
	a factual error.  Addresses are not for sale.   If couched in terms of, "why is the 
	fee scheduled the way it is?"  and "how can an individual member adjust the fee schedule?"
	then those are reasonable questions.


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