[ppml] IPv6 flawed?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Sep 17 13:02:01 EDT 2007

>> Now if only the ARIN staff would get off their butts and maintain the
>> home page, it might encourage more people to get involved in adding
>> content to the Wiki.
> in defense of arin staff, they aren't on their butts, they work  
> hard and they
> get a lot of stuff done.  i think the wiki is new enough that  
> nobody knows
> exactly how to guide it -- you ought to volunteer to edit the home  
> page and
> see if somebody takes you up on it.

I really have to second what Paul is saying here.  I was recently in  
and, took the opportunity to pay a visit to the ARIN office.  Richard  
was kind enough to give me a very nice tour.  At the end of the tour,  
I asked
him where everyone else worked.  At first, he was puzzled by my  
Given the amount of work accomplished by ARIN, I had always presumed
that in addition to the 40 or so visible people I'd corresponded  
with, met at
meetings, etc., there were probably 60 or so additional people  
backing them
up at the office.  NOPE... Turns out that get all that done with a  
relatively small
staff of very dedicated people, and, they're constantly working to  
find new
ways to get even more done.

I like the idea of ARIN improving the home page and wiki as suggested,
and, I'm willing to bet that a polite suggestion to do so, or, even the
comment that was made will probably result in some effort in that  
However, they are definitely not sitting on their butts or goofing off.


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