[ppml] alternative to 2005-1

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Thu Feb 9 11:55:17 EST 2006

I have written the following policy as an alternative to 2005-1.  

I believe this policy is more conservative that the existing proposed 2005-1 policy.  While this policy does allow PI allocations to end-sites, it limits the scope to current IPv4 holders with a direct allocation.  I believe a more conservative policy is desirable as the first IPv6 PI policy. 

If I receive positive feedback on this policy today, I'm willing to post this as an alternative to 2005-1 to be discussed at the upcoming meeting.



6.5.8. Direct assignments to end sites To qualify for a direct end site assignment, an organization must:

1. not be an LIR;
2. be an end site;
3. be currently multihomed using IPv4;
4. be an ARIN member for at least 1 year prior to assignment of an IPv6 end site assignment;
5. have a direct assignment from ARIN of at least a IPv4 /19 and can show the current utilization of 80% of an IPv4 /19 equivalent. Direct assignment size to end sites

Organizations that meet the direct end site assignment criteria are eligible to receive a direct assignment of /48 out of a reserved /44.  Direct Assignments shall be allocated from a separate super-block to allow for LIRs to filter.    Subsequent direct assignments to end sites

Organizations assignment size may be increased by 1 bit (to a maximum of /44) when they demonstrate the active usage of 50% of the assigned /64 subnets.

Only one direct assignment may be made to an end site organization under Section 6.5.8.

Organizations which can demonstrate active usage of more than 50% of /64 networks from a /44 assignment may apply for an additional allocation as an LIR.

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