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Dear AfriNIC community

There has been a lot of debate about the ITU draft on Internet Governance on
the ARIN PPML already (which I'm cc'ing this to).

I consider the ITU's conclusions regarding IP addresses and Africa to be
extremely misleading. By attacking the current RIR structure, they are
undermining AfriNIC and failing to acknowlege Africa's own efforts to
address its own problems. I find it extremely ironic that they're claiming
to be "defending the interests of developing countries" whilst recommending
policy that would make redudant an organisation that is entirely
representative of developing countries.

They are also undermining the efforts of our friends at the other RIRs who
have shown such good faith in supporting AfriNIC, particularly in the
sharing of knowlege, training and willingness to transfer existing African
members and their allocations to AfriNIC.

I would encourage a strong, vocal and united response from the African
Internet community supporting the NRO's response and dispelling the
inaccuracies of the ITU draft.

I have proposed to ISPA South Africa (also cc'ed in here) that we engage the
South African government (Department of Communications) with a view to
making a joint submission backing the NRO's response and endorsing AfriNIC
as our choice of forum for dealing with Africa's concerns regarding
management of IP addresses.

I hope that this is an issue which AfrISPA will also be vocal about. 

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Subject: [afrinic-discuss] ITU and Internet Numbers resources Management: 
The NRO response

> Dear collegues,
> Since the WSIS, there were many discussions on "Internet governance" and
> last week, a working group on this issue was formed by the UN Secretary
> General Kofi Anann: http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2004/pi1620.doc.htm
> In line with this debate, the Director of ITU-TSB published a memorandum
> "ITU and Internet Governance" for public comment. You can find the full 
> memorandum
> at http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/tsb-director/itut-wsis/index.html. In this 
> document,
> there is proposal to change the way Address space is managed, especially 
> for IPv6.
> This proposal will have a serious impact on our community especially 
> Internet
> Operators in our region. This is very important for us if we know that in 
> Africa,
> small operators are fighting against monopolies and their freedom to 
> develop their
> Independent Infrastructure.
> The Number Resource Organization (NRO), regenerating the Regional Internet
> Registries has put together a public response to the part of the 
> memorandum
> addressing the IP numbers management issue. We encourage you to read it
> carefully and make it available for anybody that may be interested in your
> Region, country, Government or Company.
> A summary of this response is available at:
> http://www.nro.net/documents/nro18.html
> The full response is available at:
> http://www.nro.net/documents/nro17.html
> Kind regards.
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