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> as i said on 2004.11.16
> > my suggestion to include a librarian and a 15 year old with a modem
> > on the founding icann board was never taken seriously.  ah well.
> > the american fcc has been better at this than most, though maybe
> > not what one would ideally wish ...
> perhaps arin could take a bit of a lead in this.  get real consumers
> on the bot.  solicit a small isp or two.  let the bot be more of a
> representative body than a popularity contest.

Interesting.  Are you asserting that elections don't provide 
satisfactory representation, or that limiting voter eligibility to
members limits the representation to People Like the Members?  How
could ARIN affect the membership of the BoT without reducing the 
openness of the process?

I'm not sure what Real Consumers look like.  Are they kind of like
Real Americans?  Or Real Men who Don't Eat Quiche (C)?  Or Real 
Butter (tm)?  Are they employees of small consulting companies, stub 
networks, and educational institutions?

By the way, a teenager with a modem has run for the Board several
times.  I look forward to your nominations of librarians next year.

> randy


PS:  The AC has fairly broad demographics:
5 Internet carriers (telco, collo, and cable, large and small),
3 TLD or root operators,
3 educational/research institutions,
2 consultants,
1 aircraft manufacturer,
and Cathy Wittbrodt.
Source:  http://www.arin.net/about_us/ab_org_ac.html

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