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Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Tue Nov 16 15:22:57 EST 2004


I am writing as a member of ARIN representing The Center for the Application
of Information Technology (CAIT) at Washington University in St. Louis.  I
am also on the Advisory Council to the ARIN Board of Trustees, in which
capacity I have served since ARIN's inception in late 1997.  My first
assignment to this advisory role was as a selected volunteer by the first
Board of ARIN.  I have been elected to 2 subsequent 3-year terms by the
members and stakeholders of ARIN.

My role as advisor to the Board is one of policy making.  I serve as liaison
to the community of stakeholders for Internet number resources (specifically
IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers).  That I should be placed in
this position of trust by the ARIN community is gratifying.  It also
demonstrates the ability of the ARIN community to express its will through
open and transparent elections and to elect representatives from among a
diverse slate of candidates.  The ARIN Advisory Council is made up of 15
members of very diverse background and experience.  This process is the
essence of bottom-up policy making in which those who must comply with
policies and know most about the impact of policy, advocate directly and
indirectly in its making.

The process is not without flaw, but has been refined over the years in
which all four RIRs have operated.  Each at once the same in function, but
different as they reflect the individual regional reality in economics and
operations of massive and important communication infrastructure.

No stakeholder is precluded from participation, governments alike.  Indeed,
each stakeholder is encouraged to participate and has ample opportunity
through online and mulitiple face-to-face fora that travel to various
localities within the region.  In addition, RIRs are involved in educational
outreach that is specific to the needs of its region.  This helps ensure
that stakeholders are informed in all matters related to the resources for
which it is steward.

This important segment of Internet governance and management is most
definitely NOT broken.  It operates smoothly and efficiently and corresponds
to the highest ideals of open and fair administration of these fundamental
Internet resources.

I urge you in your capacity as Sector Member of the ITU to encourage
collaboration within the existing RIR structure(s) to achieve objectives
that you feel are important for international telecommunications.  Assemble
with the many other global stakeholders and become a contributing part of
this community.

With deepest respect,

Bill Darte
Senior Technical Associate
CAIT at Washington University in St. Louis
ARIN Advisory Council

314 935-7575

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