[ppml] ARIN 2002-3 statistics

Leslie Nobile leslien at arin.net
Mon Nov 15 11:28:16 EST 2004

A recent question has come up on this list regarding the number of
organizations that have qualified for IPv4 addresses under policy 2002-3
"Address Policy for Multi-homed Networks.


Since its implementation in May 2004, ARIN has been tracking the number of
allocations and assignments (/21s and /22s) made under this policy very
closely.  Here are the statistics as of Oct. 31, 2004:


# of Organizations qualified:   80

# of Allocations to ISPs       61  

# of Assignments to End Users:  27  




Leslie Nobile

Director, Registration Services

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

leslie at arin.net



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