[ppml] 2001-2 Revisited

Dave Diller ddiller at cogentco.com
Wed Mar 10 18:02:40 EST 2004

For those not already way-too-intimitely familiar with it, here is the current 
text of 2001-2:

This policy allows a downstream customer's multi-homing requirement to serve as 
justification for a /24 reassignment from their upstream ISP, regardless of 
host requirements. Downstream customers must provide contact information for 
all of their upstream providers to the ISP from whom they are requesting a /24. 
The ISP will then verify the customer's multi-homing requirement and may assign 
the customer a /24, based on this policy. Customers may receive a /24 from only 
one of their upstream providers under this policy without providing additional 

Now, it pretty explicitly states one /24 *per customer* in total is all that is 
allowable.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  It appears to have been 
tailor-made for the law office with a justifiable /27 that wishes to 
multi-home, and it works well for that purpose.

How are people handling it when they have *a* customer with separate, 
multihomed, geographically discrete offices?  By the literal text of this 
policy, this is not sufficient justification to provide them with a /24 *per 
discrete site*.  If the definition is commonly being stretched to include this 
- and I think it is reasonable to do so, given the spirit of the policy - then 
the policy should be amended to explicitly indicate that this is an acceptable 

-Dave Diller
PacketMuriqui & IP Flinger

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