[ppml] Access to Bulk WHOIS data - a possible proposal?

Blake Sorensen blake.sorensen at digitalenvoy.net
Mon Jul 21 08:57:52 EDT 2003

william at elan.net wrote:
> It does not have one-month requirement as many felt this is too often and
> said something like 6 months or year would be better but there was no
> agreement on what period would be best and I decided to drop specifics
> and instead let ARIN staff decide based on each case on when and how they
> want "re-authentication" done.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

Just my thoughts, but I'd like to see a time interval actually specified in
the proposal, whether it be 6 or 12 months. Without that, we'd have access
to the bulk data until ARIN changes the password, at which point you mail in
another request and wait for them to send a new one.  I've been waiting over
a month as it stands now, with no response.  With a specified time interval,
we can send in the authorization by a certain point to avoid interrupting
access to the bulk data.

Blake Sorensen
Digital Envoy

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