ARIN Board Action RE: ICANN BOD Nominations

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Sun Mar 4 11:40:25 EST 2001

In a message to the ARIN membership dated February 6, 2001, the ARIN Board
of Trustees made the following statement in regard to identifying
candidates for the ICANN Board of Directors:

"To date there has been only one nominee from the ARIN region.  It is
important we have a slate of candidates from the ARIN region for this
important position.  In order to add at least one other ARIN region
candidate to the list of candidates the ARIN Board of Trustees intends
to nominate one or more individuals as the ARIN RIR candidate(s).  This is
provided for in the ASO MOU paragraph (3)(b):

"(3) ICANN Directors.

(b) ... each RIR signatory to the MOU is entitled to nominate candidates
by procedures of its own choosing.""

Since that time there have been several candidates that have been
nominated outside of the process outlined in the message dated February 6,
2001. These candidates are listed at the following URL:

The ARIN Board of Trustees followed the process as outlined in the
February 6 message.  A list of candidates was identified by the NOMCOM and
presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration.  In its
deliberation, the Board of Trustees noted the addition of candidates to
the list since the February 6 message, and determined that there were
several candidates on the list who would provide excellent representation
of the Addressing Community in General and the ARIN region in particular.

Therefore, the ARIN Board of Trustees has decided not to exercise the RIR
entitlement as stated in the MOU to nominate a candidate for the ICANN
Board of Directors.  The ARIN Board of Trustees strongly encourages all
interested parties to examine the list of candidates and either
nominate(by 0900 GMT March 5) other individuals to the list or provide a
statement of support for the candidates that have been identified.

John Curran
ARIN Board of Trustees

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