/24 assignments to multi-homed customers who can't justify the us e of >126 hosts in 3-6 months

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Fri Mar 9 14:34:35 EST 2001


For a customer of an ISP that meets the following criteria:

1) has registered an ASN and will be multi-homed to two or more ISPs,
2) cannot reasonably justify the use of a /24 within 3 - 6 months based on
ARIN IP allocation policies and
3) the customer is obtaining IP space from one of their ISPs.

In my view, such a customer will require at least a /24 so that their
network advertisement will be accepted by all ISPs since most ISPs will not
accept advertisements  from their peers of networks have a netmask any
longer than a /24.

Is it acceptable, in ARIN's view, to assign a /24 to such a customer? I
never came across any documentation at www.arin.net that discusses such a


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