ARIN Web Hosting Policy (Please change it, We Don't Agree)

Imail Imail at
Wed Aug 30 09:18:31 EDT 2000

As a previous customer and now provider of Web Hosting and Collocation
services, I do not agree with your new policy on address assignment

1) SSL Sites require a unique IP Address in most cases.
2) FTP access requires a unique IP Address.
3) Security is more complicated and potentially compromised by this policy!
4) There are significant Service Level issues for providers.
5) How do I do log analysis now, measure Bandwidth, etc.
5) Customers Demand Unique IP Addresses!
6) How are you going to police this?

As a past customer of Web Hosting services, I would never even consider a
Hosting Provider that would not provide me a unique IP Address.

Please note that I acknowledge that Host Headers do have a valid and useful
place in providing Web Hosting services.  However only on the low end of the
spectrum, any significant site will demand unique IP addresses and they

There are many other issues of more importance.  For instance, why don't you
reclaim unused IP address space from some of the early allocations.  I know
of at least one, if not many that use only fractions of their allocated IP
address space.  Take back those class B's!

Frank Boyer
CTO & co-founder Isocentric Networks Incorporated

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