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Bryan Heitman bryanh at communitech.net
Wed Aug 30 12:07:03 EDT 2000

Ok I think it's time we hear from those who are still in favor of upholding
the new ARIN policy.

Unless I missed something, I have yet to read a post that is in 100%
agreement with the new policy.

Those of you out there, perhaps who attended the last public policy meeting,
please give us some feedback on the recent posts.


Bryan Heitman, Vice-President
CommuniTech.Net, Inc. - (800) WEB-HOST

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Subject: Re: ARIN Web Hosting Policy (fwd)

> Instead of one group pointing fingers at another, let's maintain the
> focus here on the real problem.
> No one *wants* to waste IP space.  If your business is built on name
> based virtual hosting than you don't have the issues that many of us
> face with the prospect of this policy being enforced.  Consider yourself
> lucky, or clairvoyant or, as you say, pure.  But the reality for many
> web hosting businesses includes a 1-to-1 relationship between customers
> and IP.  This is partially historical, partially customer expectation,
> and partially technological.  All of these can be changed.
> IP space conservation and movement towards technological solutions
> should be the focus here.  I think the ARIN Web Hosting Policy served
> for many as a wake up call the things cannot go on as they have, but an
> overnight change in this policy is not acceptable to those member who
> rely on ARIN for management of a critical resource.
> >From the 1999 Annual Report:
> "ARIN officially opened for operation on December 22, 1997. Since that
> time, many changes in the industry have fostered an organization that is
> flexible in meeting the needs of the users in its region. ARIN remains
> at the forefront of the global network evolution, sometimes following,
> sometimes leading, and stays abreast of activities and technological
> advances that occur nearly every day."
> So I believe the policy as stated needs to be rewritten to encourage the
> technological and market changes required to preserve IP space while
> allowing businesses to retool as these changes take place.  A big stick
> may be required to force these changes to come about but a big stick in
> the dark does not reflect an organization which "is flexible in meeting
> the needs of the users in its region."
> Jim Cusick
> Hostway Corporation
> Andy Walden wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > Or reclamation of underutilized (or completely unused) blocks that
> > > been allocated historically.
> > >
> > > Kevin
> >
> > I'm all for this also. Its part of that purist thing I have going on.
> > shifting the focus towards one problem from another doesn't fix it
> > unfortunatly.
> >
> > andy

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