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Thank you for the information, that's the same info I have received and
researched ourselves.  We have communicated this to ARIN's policy mailing
list on our own but it is always good for a customer's viewpoint to be
heard, thus I'll forward your email to the ARIN policy mailing list, but
don't get your hopes up, they are pretty adamant about restricting IP's for
hosting services at any cost to the customer. Staff, a service of RegSearch International

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I had talked to someone ealier this week about the new policy that arin has
put into effect about not allowing hosting providers to give a dedicated IP
to one site.
We went on to talk about SSL on a machine running hosts headers.  I was
doing a little research on it tonight, trying to get it to work on a test
webserver at my house.  after a while of fighting with it i finally went to
help, at the bottom of the page it said the following:

Note You cannot use host headers when using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
because HTTP requests using SSL are encrypted. Host headers are part of the
encrypted request and cannot be interpreted and routed to the correct site.

that was on IIS5.0 on a win2k advanced server.  So in my mind, if there is
no way to do it in IIS5.0, i dont think it is going to happen in IIS4.0

Has anyone presented this information to Arin??

Anyway, could someone please pass that along.

Justin M. Clark
JustinClark at MyDesktopHelp.Com

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