[arin-discuss] Multiple POCs and associated cruft - any scalablesolution?

Isaac Uban isaac at 4siwi.com
Mon Jul 21 15:52:51 EDT 2014

I recently had some resources assigned to me and during the justification 
proccess I had to have several /24s re-assigned to me. It was inevidable 
that they were all put under different Handles. Annoying to say the least. 
I'm curious if there isn't a solution to this issue.

Isaac Uban
Network Operations
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>I have an ARIN POC identifier that dates back to when it was an Internic
> handle.  I'm the network guy for a regional ISP in Southern California.
> Occasionally we need to order a circuit out of region for a customer,
> and in the process typically a /29 of IPv4 space from another carrier.
> Invariably, for each and every one of these some automated process of
> the carrier generates another ARIN POC for me.  No amount of cajoling or
> requests to the carrier (I'm talking about you, AS209) to use the
> existing one seems to be heard.
> As a result, every few months I wind up with a dozen or more ARIN POCs,
> each of which generates annual verification requests, each of which
> requires me to log in and create a profile, password, etc.  This simply
> doesn't scale.
> There is no easy way to get these consolidated into my primary POC.
> Every few months I gather the latest bunch of them and place a phone
> call to ARIN and they work some behind the scenes magic to get them all
> consolidated.
> I'm about to do this yet again, but it is a PITA.  What if anything are
> others doing about this?  Just ignoring all of the verification cruft
> emails doesn't seem to be the right thing to do, and ARIN's web-based
> forms remind me of the original Adventure game.  "You're in a little
> maze of twisty passages, all different."
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