[arin-discuss] Multiple POCs and associated cruft - any scalable solution?

Jay Hennigan jay at impulse.net
Mon Jul 21 14:17:41 EDT 2014

I have an ARIN POC identifier that dates back to when it was an Internic
handle.  I'm the network guy for a regional ISP in Southern California.

Occasionally we need to order a circuit out of region for a customer,
and in the process typically a /29 of IPv4 space from another carrier.

Invariably, for each and every one of these some automated process of
the carrier generates another ARIN POC for me.  No amount of cajoling or
requests to the carrier (I'm talking about you, AS209) to use the
existing one seems to be heard.

As a result, every few months I wind up with a dozen or more ARIN POCs,
each of which generates annual verification requests, each of which
requires me to log in and create a profile, password, etc.  This simply
doesn't scale.

There is no easy way to get these consolidated into my primary POC.
Every few months I gather the latest bunch of them and place a phone
call to ARIN and they work some behind the scenes magic to get them all

I'm about to do this yet again, but it is a PITA.  What if anything are
others doing about this?  Just ignoring all of the verification cruft
emails doesn't seem to be the right thing to do, and ARIN's web-based
forms remind me of the original Adventure game.  "You're in a little
maze of twisty passages, all different."

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