[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Wed Apr 17 18:28:58 EDT 2013

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> John,
> This data doesn't need to be made public if its not already. What I am trying
> to figure out is what a fee model would look like based on an operating
> budget of $15mil if ARIN were to asses the fees based on assigned aggregates
> instead of tiers. (Just for ISPs)
> If you started with assigned /22 ipv4
> And assigned /36 for ipv6
> Based on the current distribution and the current revenue if you applied
> randy's model of the fee doubling with every bit increase what would that
> look like in dollars as far as fees? For folks that have say a /14 plus
> another /19 or whatever, please round that up to a /13.

I will note that the hypothetical example I showed did *not* double the fee for each bit. That would equate to a flat cost per IPs, which you have supported, but I think is unreasonable.

In my example, someone who has a /8 would pay 1 more unit (17, versus 16) than someone who has a /7, which is 6.25% more. The only doubling would be a /24 versus a /23, and I think that is reasonably fair. A more common example would be comparing a /16 to a /20, which under your proposal would be a 16,000% increase, and under mine, 80%. 

Again, I am not putting forward my little exercise as a policy proposal. It is simply and example, and food for though. Like Owen said, it would simply expand the current fee categories to have intermediate (and potentially higher) additional categories.


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