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Brandon Ross bross at xiocom.com
Wed Sep 23 10:51:22 EDT 2009

On Wed, 23 Sep 2009, Jason Schiller wrote:

> It is possible that Interop Show Network gets transit from Qwest, and has
> some sort of customer relationship with Priority Networks and Smart City
> who both provide Internet access to hotels and confrence sites.  It is
> even possible that Interop Show Network became a corporation and spun off
> into both Priority Networks and Smart City.
> If you have information that this space is either not being used, or has
> been hi-jacked then you should provide that information to ARIN so they
> can investigate...

I am, and have been one of those volunteers for Interop for a long time. 
I can tell you for certain that this space is not hijacked or used 
improperly.  Interop works closely with Priority and Smart City often.

I am not an employee of Interop so I can't officially speak for them, but 
I can assure you that the space is not being abused.

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