[arin-discuss] use of not clear

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Sep 23 10:34:58 EDT 2009

On Sep 23 2009, Jason Schiller wrote:

>On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, David Farmer wrote:
>> The only thing I can find in whois now;
>> OrgName:    Interop Show Network
>> OrgID:      ISN-4
>> Address:    600 Harrison St
>> City:       San Francisco
>> StateProv:  CA
>> PostalCode: 94107
>> Country:    US
>> NetRange: -
>> CIDR:
>> NetName:    SHOWNETB3
>> NetHandle:  NET-128-64-0-0-1
>> Parent:     NET-128-0-0-0-0
>> NetType:    Direct Assignment
>> NameServer: DNS.INTEROP.NET
>> NameServer: SOLARIS.CC.VT.EDU
>> Comment:
>> RegDate:    1991-09-18
>> Updated:    2003-03-06
>> Maybe we can get this returned too?
>Looks to me like this space is in use Orignated from:
> 209 - Qwest
>11192, 10949 - Smart City
>21882 - Priority Networks
>It is possible that Interop Show Network gets transit from Qwest, and has
>some sort of customer relationship with Priority Networks and Smart City
>who both provide Internet access to hotels and confrence sites.  It is
>even possible that Interop Show Network became a corporation and spun off
>into both Priority Networks and Smart City.
>If you have information that this space is either not being used, or has
>been hi-jacked then you should provide that information to ARIN so they
>can investigate... 

I'm not implying anything of the kind, I believe that Interop is using 
their address space for the purposes intended. Furthermore, Interop 
historically played an extremely important role in the development of the 
Internet. Without Interop the Internet may not have become what it is 
today. However, given the nature of Interop, mostly running trade shows I 
believe, may provide them flexibility beyond normal enterprise or provider 

I really think a witch hunt, where we go around accusing people of under 
utilizing, not utilizing, or improperly utilizing address space is counter 
productive. That said I do think the community should be looking for 
strategic opportunities to recover or rearrange address space. My only 
intent was to ask if this could be one of those strategic opportunities, 
and if it is, as a community how should we go about it.

I don't think the community has the right to expect Interop, or anyone 
else, to return address space that they are using, or even expect them to 
move to different address space. However, in some cases it might not be 
improper for the community to ask, especially when strategic opportunities 
present themselves.

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