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> Or simply a usage audit of legacy /8s owned by such as duPont, Eli Lily, Ford, 
> Merck et al.  There's more than a few /8s out there that are likely pretty 
> sparsely implemented.  Not to mention ones that have been rolled into other 
> orgs, e.g. ranges originally assigned to DEC, CSC and others.  (How many /8s 
> does a non-ISP need anyway?  Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here...)

You're not out of turn at all!  Participation is good!

What utilization threshold is acceptable?
  We don't have a policy covering 
utilization, except when an organization requests additional address space.

btw, Board candidates were asked, "What do you feel ARIN’s appropriate role and relationship should be
with respect to legacy address space and the holders of legacy address
You might be interested in their (our) responses:

Read bios, statements of support, and petitions at https://www.arin.net/app/election/


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