[arin-discuss] ARIN billing practice

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Sep 21 19:01:00 EDT 2009

John Brown wrote:
> Natural person YOU or  Jurist person YOU ??
> Remember that a corporation is considered an entity that is separate
> from humans.
> ARIN is not the place to battle spam or other bad packets.  
> ARIN is a steward of binary resources and if you meet the requirements
> you should have access to those binary resources.

And, if you "rent" those resources the community also has a right
to know who you are.  That is why the WHOIS database exists and is
public.  This is no different than if you buy property (also a community
resource) which is why your deed is public record.  Note that buying
property is similar to renting because the government assesses rent
(in the form of property taxes) to all property every year, and if you 
fail to pay it the government takes the property back.

A corporation that supplies bogus WHOIS data to ARIN is committing
fraud, as well as violating the RSA it just signed, and should therefore
lose it's "binary resources"  This is why the WHOIS POC cleanup was

As provider of public contact info for the "binary resources" assigned
to a spammer, it's disingenuous to argue that ARIN has nothing to do
with battling spam or bad packets.  On the contrary, the role ARIN
fulfills is vital to battling spam and bad packets.  Jut because they
aren't firing the bullets doesn't mean that they aren't providing
critical backup support to those who are.


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