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Mark Bayliss mark at visuallink.com
Tue Sep 22 10:51:07 EDT 2009


  The problem of people giving false information or setting up a 
bogus company in order to acquire IP address space to send spam or 
"USE" should be very simple to stop or at least reduce.
The information AIRN requests in order to apply for IP address space 
should be expanded to include their business License information and 
government TAX ID# or Tax exemption #. This can then be checked in 
any country that ARIN provides IP address resources.
  Even EDU or government departments are required to have a business 
license and in all countries there is some form of TAX ID number. 
Since their is not a country in North America that has not figured 
out how to TAX every business in their respective countries thay all 
have a TAX ID system were each business is give an individual Tax 
number or ID. This information could then be checked to see if the 
entity at least has a business licenses and TAX ID#. Then ARIN should 
contact the business using the Address listed in the government 
business license and tax ID information to verify that they are the 
actual group requesting the IP address space. This is not a new 
method most vendors use this method to verify that the company that 
has made an order is actually the company they claim to be. In the 
state of Virginia we had a large amount of people obtaining Drivers 
licenses under a false name and address. In fact all of the 9/11 
hijackers had Virginia Driver licensees.  In order to prevent this 
the Virginia Division of motor Vehicle registration now requires at 
least two forms of government issued Identification in order to 
obtain a driver license. Arin should basically do the same. Virginia 
found that every person had a birth certificate and SSN number that 
lives in the USA. You could also provide a Government issued Passport 
or a Voter registration card as well. In the case of any ISP, 
Government, EDU, or business attempting to apply for IP address space 
their should be the same basic requirement of two forms of government 
issued ID. In this case the universal ID would be a Business licence 
and TAX ID#.  This information even though it is public knowledge 
would not have to listed in the public WHOIS information but used to 
verify the Identity of the actual group applying for IP address space.

                                    Mark Bayliss

At 07:01 PM 9/21/2009, you wrote:
>John Brown wrote:
>>Natural person YOU or  Jurist person YOU ??
>>Remember that a corporation is considered an entity that is separate
>>from humans.
>>ARIN is not the place to battle spam or other bad packets.
>>ARIN is a steward of binary resources and if you meet the requirements
>>you should have access to those binary resources.
>And, if you "rent" those resources the community also has a right
>to know who you are.  That is why the WHOIS database exists and is
>public.  This is no different than if you buy property (also a community
>resource) which is why your deed is public record.  Note that buying
>property is similar to renting because the government assesses rent
>(in the form of property taxes) to all property every year, and if 
>you fail to pay it the government takes the property back.
>A corporation that supplies bogus WHOIS data to ARIN is committing
>fraud, as well as violating the RSA it just signed, and should therefore
>lose it's "binary resources"  This is why the WHOIS POC cleanup was
>As provider of public contact info for the "binary resources" assigned
>to a spammer, it's disingenuous to argue that ARIN has nothing to do
>with battling spam or bad packets.  On the contrary, the role ARIN
>fulfills is vital to battling spam and bad packets.  Jut because they
>aren't firing the bullets doesn't mean that they aren't providing
>critical backup support to those who are.
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