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Sat Sep 16 11:21:20 EDT 2000

On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 03:00:28AM -0400, Stephen Griffin wrote:
> It seems that most people fail to understand what ARIN is. ARIN is one of
> 3 RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). The other 2 being RIPE and APNIC.
> They are overseen by ICANN. ARIN has absolute authority over the
> address space they have been dictated to manage by ICANN, which does not
> include the majority of the space everyone is complaining about. I think
> ARIN (or any of the RIRs) would be ecstatic to have jurisdiction over
> this space, and would be happy to clean it up, but that is something to
> take up with ICANN. The biggest confusion is who actually does have
> authority, since these first allocations were made very early on.

* i128.101.0.0   4294967294    100      0 3561 3908 57 217 i
* i131.212.0.0   4294967294    100      0 3561 3908 57 217 i
* i134.84.0.0   4294967294    100      0 3561 3908 57 217 i
* i146.57.0.0   4294967294    100      0 3561 3908 57 217 i
* i160.94.0.0   4294967294    100      0 3561 3908 57 217 i

Now, if the database at ARIN supported a field saying when these
blocks were allocated, I would bet that some of them were allocated
*after* CIDR was put into place and interNIC started asking for

(gawd, I hate picking on the UofM, I really do, but it is an example
of wastage that is purty horrible)

I have a new school connecting to us early next week with a /16 for a
campus of under 10K students.  :(

There has to be a way to reclaim them!

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