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Sat Sep 16 12:00:28 EDT 2000

> > It seems that most people fail to understand what ARIN is. ARIN
> is one of
> > 3 RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). The other 2 being RIPE and APNIC.
> > They are overseen by ICANN. ARIN has absolute authority over the
> > address space they have been dictated to manage by ICANN, which does not
> > include the majority of the space everyone is complaining about. I think
> > ARIN (or any of the RIRs) would be ecstatic to have jurisdiction over
> > this space, and would be happy to clean it up, but that is something to
> > take up with ICANN. The biggest confusion is who actually does have
> > authority, since these first allocations were made very early on.

Who cares? If the boundaries of authority are so unclear, make then clear.
How hard is that. Don't ICANN, RIPE, APNIC and ARIN communicate, or

I agree, between APNIC, ARIN, RIPE and ICANN there's way too much confusion
regarding who's responsible for what - but surely it's up to YOU guys to sit
together and come up with a solution. At the end of the day those four
bodies should be working towards a common goal, not shoulder shrugging and
passing the baby to one another regarding 'authority'.

It's clear that NO-ONE has, or is willing to accept, authority over the
legacy space - this is where the main problem lies, so how about we fix it.
Who all is scared to tell IBM "sort out your /8 or we stop routing it" ?

> (gawd, I hate picking on the UofM, I really do, but it is an example
> of wastage that is purty horrible)
> I have a new school connecting to us early next week with a /16 for a
> campus of under 10K students.  :(
> There has to be a way to reclaim them!

A classic example. Find another three the same, persuade them to cooperate,
and give them a /20 each. Voila - you got back roughly 1/4Million addresses
from only 4 universities. More, I'll bet, than a YEAR of scraping around
having people change from dedicated hosting to virtual hosting. A university
with 10k students would have difficulty justifying even a /20 but if they
can, and they need more - okay give them more I have no problem with that,
does anyone?

The first few are the hardest ones, the rest would follow by example, I'm
sure. If not, establishment of exactly who has authority for the space in
question is the only way to go - because those that refuse to fall into line
could simply be blackholed with the additional cooperation of a few core
backbone providers.



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