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In the referenced message, Mike Horwath said:
> aren't ARIN, who does, as it stands, has authority to rip
> the addressing out of place.
> Really, if they can dish out the IPs, they can take'em away.
> Yes, it would suck.  But wastage is wastage and a site with a /16
> using a few hundred addresses is far more wasteful than any wastage I
> would have by having IP based virtual hosts.

It seems that most people fail to understand what ARIN is. ARIN is one of
3 RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). The other 2 being RIPE and APNIC.
They are overseen by ICANN. ARIN has absolute authority over the
address space they have been dictated to manage by ICANN, which does not
include the majority of the space everyone is complaining about. I think
ARIN (or any of the RIRs) would be ecstatic to have jurisdiction over
this space, and would be happy to clean it up, but that is something to
take up with ICANN. The biggest confusion is who actually does have
authority, since these first allocations were made very early on.

As it is, I was under the impression RIPE-NCC already had a policy
such as this (re: web-hosting). They always seem to be right on top of
things. Anyways, people have been claiming that ARIN doesn't understand
web-hosting. I say they understand web-hosting at least as well as most of
the people complaining understand ARIN.

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