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Thu Sep 14 21:04:45 EDT 2000

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 10:15:57AM -0700, Suzanne Woolf wrote:
> > > And how do you suggest they go about reclaiming IP blocks.
> > 
> > Call'em up, drop'em email.
> Been there, done that. 
> (The slides are also available somewhere....)
> Interesting results include:
> 1. Much of the contact data was simply unusable.
> 2. The vast majority who did respond just said no.
> > I bet that many will be very cordial and will return the space that is
> > unused.
> The folks who responded were mostly quite cordial, although a few
> threatened to sue me for asking. Mostly, they were cordial about
> saying "nope, we're keeping it."
> This was in 1996. I'm unconvinced the task would be easier now. aren't ARIN, who does, as it stands, has authority to rip
the addressing out of place.

Really, if they can dish out the IPs, they can take'em away.

Yes, it would suck.  But wastage is wastage and a site with a /16
using a few hundred addresses is far more wasteful than any wastage I
would have by having IP based virtual hosts.

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