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Bill et al.

Why not just up the anti a notch and require that all legacy address
space have working in-addr records by January 1, 2001 or that space shall
be deemed inactive and returned to the public pool.

IANA can delegate enforcement to the registries using the address as registered.
i.e. If the address is in the ARIN region, ARIN enforces the deallocation.

Due to the history of the Internet this is primarily a North American issue.

Small organizations requiring multi-homing could then hopefully get space from
the legacy "swamp" allocations retrieved from this effort. This would avoid
de-aggrigation of the larger CIDR blocks. The de-aggrigation issue almost
caused a riot at the Montreal NANOG when advocated it for
improved MED savvy routing. I would hope re-using the swamp space can be a
workable compromise. New core router technology has reduced many of
the ill effects of limited de-aggrigation.

I suspect large portions of the early allocations belong to defunct organizations
or have been forgotten by the rightful owners.

bmanning at wrote:
> > Such a friendly group.  I will word my offer a little more clearly for
> > those who take everything literally.
> >
> > 1)  I am making the point we should reclaim unused space.
> > 2)  I am willing to do my part in helping if ARIN doesn't have the
> >     resources or the "authority" to accomplish the task.
> >
> > Mury
>         |First off, start with your own "unused" space.
>         |Second, would you appreciate a random call from
>          someone you've never heard of asking you to give up
>          your IP space?
>         Suzanne helped me in one of my reclaimation efforts
>         in years past. Those efforts were sactioned by the IANA.
>         Offers to assit ARIN have fallen of deaf ears and so
>         little has been done recently. Still, there has been
>         some forward progress. Stanford finally returned net
>         36 to the IANA after nearly a decade.  So reclaimation is working,
>         but perhaps not quite at the speed you would like.
> --bill

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