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Thu Sep 14 13:09:24 EDT 2000

> ARIN doesn't have the authority to put more than a band-aid on it.

Alright already, I've heard enough... I've sat on the sidelines watching the
to-and-fro with interest, much of the same arguments going back and forth...
it's like watching a tennis match.

But this 'authority' stuff keeps rearing it's ugly head and I don't like the
way it's heading...

ARIN has the authority to affect MY business by telling me I must switch to
virtual hosting if I want any more IPs. Forget about the costs - thousands
of man-hours, new software, even new hardware, and changes involved in doing
so. "Afraid of change"? Afraid of change for no valid reason, better damn
well believe it. Out of 4.something BILLION addresses, everyone is up in
arms about wastage by people not doing virtual hosting?

Who on God's green earth has the 'authority' to decide that it's more
wasteful than not switching all the dial-up to NAT? Or a host (no pun
intended) of other areas where IP could be 'saved'.

No, I digress. It's this sitting on the sidelines with hands raised
bemoaning 'authority' that really pisses me off. ARIN think they have the
"authority" to tell me IP which is actually BEING USED is being used
inefficiently? For every bureaucrat who thinks this policy is sensible, I'll
bet there are ten people living in the real world who will disagree...

ARIN wants 'authority' - then TAKE authority. Grow some damn teeth instead
of gumming your way through easy targets. No one else is going to do it, why
can't ARIN take the initiative? You want people to hand back their unused
/8's? STOP ROUTING the bloody things that'll get their attention. Who says
we've not got the authority to do so? I'd drop their routes from my BGP in a
heartbeat if everyone else agreed to do the same - what are they going to
do, sue 'the world' it's up to ME what goes in and out of my network I don't
need to accept their traffic!

Get those damn woolen mitts off and get down to reclaiming some real
wastage. IMHO, what pisses me off most is the 1000's of manhours, and MY
FEES, wasted on 'policy' like this which could have been MUCH more
productively spent.


Yes, okay... I worked all night and I should know better than to sit and try
to read mails...



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