Correcting the mistake

Mark Borchers markb at
Thu Sep 14 14:22:34 EDT 2000

On 14 Sep 00, at 20:09, Hostmaster wrote:

> No, I digress. It's this sitting on the sidelines with hands raised
> bemoaning 'authority' that really pisses me off. ARIN think they have the
> "authority" to tell me IP which is actually BEING USED is being used
> inefficiently? For every bureaucrat who thinks this policy is sensible, I'll
> bet there are ten people living in the real world who will disagree...

Well, as a resident of the real world, I must say that yes, as a 
registry under IANA, in a position of stewardship over IP number 
resources, ARIN has the authority to make and implement allocation
policy, thank goodness.

Perhaps you forget that just a few years ago, responsible 
organizations took address conservation seriously enough that
CIDR became globally implemented.  THAT cost money, too.  THAT
impacted businesses, too.  But it was the right thing to do.

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