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Mury mury at
Thu Sep 14 12:33:47 EDT 2000

> I don't think it's ARIN's mission to be sure that effective solutions are 
> implemented.  If you insist that ARIN, or any oversight group, wait to make 
> changes in any policy until someone else does something or another, it 
> becomes a simple matter to stop the policy change - just don't create a 
> solution.
> C'mon... we're all pretty bright folks.  We can find an effective, 
> efficient solution to these problems - if we're willing to try.

Absolutely we can find a solution.  Today?  Next week?  In an ideal world
ARIN could institute a policy and we could all make it work
tomorrow.  It's just not reality.  Some things are more difficult than
others to make work.  Maybe web based hosting is more difficult to
technologically achieve than other things.  

What if ARIN said every organization gets 1 IP.  Just 1.  Even if you are
an ISP.  Even if you have customers.  They only get 1.  Of course we could
all make this work.  Every organization would have to get their *IP* from
ARIN.  Every organization would have to use NAT.  Our routers would have
to be magnitudes more powerful to handle the routing, but it could be

Everything can be done, some things are more difficult than others.  Some
things we *can't* do today, even though we are close.  I for one do not
have the time, intelligence, or money to create the necessary hardware to
make web based hosting work as IP based hosting does.  This policy is

> Part of the solution, in my opinion, is to continue to allow justification 
> based on IP-based virtual hosts.  If that's your business model, how you've 
> built an entire company or even part of a company, then in my mind, that 
> justifies the allocation.

That would be great, if ARIN would spell that out in the policy.  It
cannot be left up for debate between ARIN staff and a person requesting

> Or, we can just let our fear of change rule our lives and our businesses.

I hate these comments.  ISPs be nature are always changing or they
wouldn't be ISPs.  None of us got here by sitting on our asses.

> I don't mean to propose changes to justification for address space.  I 
> simply mean for ARIN to disclose to the membership, in a concise summary, 
> the reasons behind a policy change.
> By this I don't mean something like "We're going to disallow justification 
> based on  IP-based virtual hosts because we need to conserve address space."
> I'm fairly sure most of you will agree that we'd like to see more of the 
> thought process behind policy changes.

That sure sounds good ;)

> ARIN doesn't have the authority to put more than a band-aid on it.

Well, then the system is flawed.  Instead of spending this precious time
talking about one of ARIN policies, perhaps we should be figuring out how
to find a real solution.

Please, please someone say that IPv6 is the answer or some other form of
technology is "on the way," because that is my whole point.  Somethings
are on the way, it can't be done over night, you can't tell one man that
he should figure out the solution himself.  Web based hosting is not ready
to be mandated.  

Of course for the sake of the community every company who sells web
hosting products that would run fine on web based hosting should do it.

GoldenGate Internet Services 

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