Correcting the mistake

Jan Bacher jb at JBACHER.COM
Thu Sep 14 14:58:33 EDT 2000

>My point  really was that just creating a policy and making it effective 
>immediately is bad for everyone.  There needs to be time to look at all 
>sides, most importantly the technical aspects of the change, whatever it 
>may be.  In some cases,  technical solutions might be readily 
>available.  In others, perhaps the solutions would have to be developed.
>But I do think ARIN should announce the policy change - and give us all 
>time to handle whatever changes would be necessary.
>In the case at hand now, perhaps 120 days is not enough.  Maybe 180 is a 
>more realistic goal.


With our without effective solutions to implement?

What matters is that effective solutions are available for implementation 
prior to the decision to change policy.  It doesn't matter what designated 
date is determined if there is no universal solution and no consideration 
is given to determine the need for one.

Do you make the policy and then determine the viability of the policy or do 
you first evaluate the viability?  That's the real underlying problem 
here.  The former occurred instead of the latter.  This policy needs to be 
put on hold until such an evaluation has occurred and ARIN members have a 
realistic time frame in which to change procedure.

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