bmanning at bmanning at
Thu Sep 14 10:45:14 EDT 2000

> > 	These two statements are inconsistant. "reclaiming" space
> > 	may affect the business of the parties that have been delegated
> > 	space.  To quote Mike Horwath; " just not nice..."
> I say cool, let's conserve *where we can*.  In return I want ARIN to
> go to the people who were given allocations before the big IP scare of
> the mid nineties that should have never ever been given out and relaim
> said space to ease this issue of 'we are running out of IPs'.
	"... should have never ever been given out..."
	Hindsight is 20/20. These delegation predate CIDR
	and the addressing "scare" of the mid-90's. And 
	several of the "egregious" delegations predate the 
	existance of the A/B/C formats and the address "scare"
	of the mid-80's.
	You are correct in some things though. We must conserve
	where we can; e.g. manage the assets that each of us,
	individually, have been delegated. But it "... is just not
	nice..." to tell others how to manage their assets.

	Remember, the scarce resource is -NOT- the IP address, its
	the routing table slots that hold the prefixes.

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