Re: [ARIN-consult] Reminder - Consultation on ARIN’s Membership Structure

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Nov 9 13:57:10 EST 2021

>> So if the current proposal were modified such that:
>> 	1.	Default category for members (new and existing) is general member until they fail to vote 3 times in a row.
> I disagree with changing all the not-previously-members into general members. That will immediately inflate the number of voting members only to have it drop back down dramatically in 3 years. That is, I agree with ARIN's proposal to let it be opt-in. As long as they can convert trivially and without undue time restrictions, I don't see the problem.

The problem is the high probability of organizations that have not well maintained their contact information paying
the higher fee and not being aware that they have the option of opting in until they have been opted out.


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