[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Implementing Term Limits for the ARIN Board of Trustees

Paul Andersen - ARIN paul at arin.net
Thu Dec 2 14:51:25 EST 2021


> Bill, my understanding (well, more along the lines of "received knowledge", tbh) is that the current board does include some people with technical knowledge connected to the internet, but zero or nearly-zero persons with (recent) operational experience in operating a network.  I have not personally verified this information - no insult is intended here!

Without knowing if there are any qualifiers on that (size of network, level of expertise, hands on plant or logical, etc) I would say generally that is not accurate. Multiple members of the Board have had or still actively are in the operational field. And certainly others are employed directly by organizations in the operator environment in various areas (DC, R&D and Cloud) several which run very large scale networks. 

> If that is indeed the case, then diversifying the board would imply getting a network operator ONTO the board.
> FWIW, my preference would be to put language somewhere along the lines of "...the nomination committee shall, wherever and whenever feasible, ensure a minimum of one (1) person(s) with recent network operational experience stands for election every time".  (That's not well-worded, but it I think it sorta captures what I mean.)

I think that is a great discussion to have. I’d point out the Board has for a few years maintained two documents that speak to the skillsets desired (both a letter to the Nomination Committee and a Expected Qualifications and Responsibilities). Input on these is welcome.

As a departing Board member this year I would personally say that the questions facing us in recent memory do not require an individual to have deep skills in networking. Certainly an ability to understand the technologies and how they interact with one another and the risks and challenges faced by operators and ARIN. 

There is a consultation on NomCom coming soon so this would be great input to such.



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