[ARIN-consult] FW: Consultation on Implementing Term Limits for the ARIN Board of Trustees

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Dec 1 20:24:22 EST 2021

Bill, my understanding (well, more along the lines of "received knowledge", tbh) is that the current board does include some people with technical knowledge connected to the internet, but zero or nearly-zero persons with (recent) operational experience in operating a network.  I have not personally verified this information - no insult is intended here!

If that is indeed the case, then diversifying the board would imply getting a network operator ONTO the board.

FWIW, my preference would be to put language somewhere along the lines of "...the nomination committee shall, wherever and whenever feasible, ensure a minimum of one (1) person(s) with recent network operational experience stands for election every time".  (That's not well-worded, but it I think it sorta captures what I mean.)

-Adam Thompson

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> From: Chris Woodfield <chris at semihuman.com>
> I’m curious on your thoughts as to why efforts to create a more 
> diverse governorship body for ARIN is a bad thing for ARIN and/or the 
> community. Care to explain how this would negatively impact the 
> community?

Hi Chris,

The way I see it, the board's most critical role is to keep ARIN on-mission. To serve that mission I want to see people who are first and foremost network engineers, experts at routing and IP address management.

While there is a degree of diversity within that specialization, I would not want to see those folks' vote diluted by individuals whose core competency was, for example, finance. Nor would I want to select less than the best possible individuals for the sake of catering to localities, genders, etc. That could only distract from ARIN's core mission to be one of the authoritative registries of IP addresses in use on the Internet.

Bill Herrin

William Herrin
bill at herrin.us
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