Feedback on 2019.01 - Deleting Aged Report Request Tickets

Steve Hellriegel steveh at
Thu Jul 4 15:17:42 EDT 2019

TLDR; I now support the proposal as written.



The wording of the announcement misled me to believe _all_ tickets were going
to be given the 90 day treatment.


It is unreasonable to assume ARIN will provide unlimited storage for user's
report generation habits. Retention of a report is the responsibility of the

The existing ticket solution is a good way to "catch and hold the data" until
the requestor comes back to pick up the report that was generated. 


Yes, it is a separate use case from "Ticket Logs" for service requests, but it
is a good reuse of the underlaying infrastructure and shows economy by ARIN's


I went through the actual workflow for all four report types to support my




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