[ARIN-consult] ACSP Consultation: Deleting Aged Report Request Tickets

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Why not just run the whowas report again and get updated info if any more has occurred. The same history should be in there. That probably is the one a do a few times a week and would be good with those all getting tossed out as tickets since I could just query again. I’m fine with the removal of the 4 listed types as the data is still accessible. I don’t think we need to have a record of every time the tool is use. Ideally just give me the info asked and don’t even make a ticket.

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Acknowledged. I'm saying there is some value in those reports, months or years later. Not a *lot* of value, necessarily, but certainly non-zero. The casual, instant access to them is what makes them still useful IMHO.

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As an alternate suggestion, I don't see any problem with moving those records out of the mainline UI onto another page and into another database.


Like many others here, though, I'm puzzled at how a modern database system could be this badly hobbled (in an apparently-intractable way) by mere millions of tickets.

The ARIN Online system handles these tickets now quite capably, but staff prepared the suggestion because it is clear that the system performance could be even better if we did not have infinite retention on tickets which are created solely for report generation.   Users can run these reports at any time to obtain such information if they desire it.

Again, the only reason these tickets exist is that the time to go through the entire registry history and generate historical reports is significant and thus not real-time – if information had been available instantly, then we would have instead had it displayed directly on the screen and there never would have been any “report ticket" generated in the first place.   Given that ARIN Online creates such “report tickets” on the users behalf (and the questionable value of the report output months later), it was felt best to assign an expiration on the these ticket types.


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