[ARIN-consult] ACSP Consultation: ARIN Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Roadmap

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Tue Jan 9 16:40:10 EST 2018


In the Proposed Roadmap, there is a bullet point:

>    * Migrate Data to the New IRR: Where possible, ARIN will create tools 
> and practices to help migrate data from the existing IRR to the new IRR 
> under the authority of resource holders in the ARIN registry.

I'm inferring from this that there will essentially be

* irr.arin.net
* new-irr.arin.net

Both IRR directories will run for a period of time.  Is that accurate? Or 
is the intention to populate the new IRR's data, stand it up, and 
similtaneously retire the existing IRR?

Thank you,

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