[ARIN-consult] ACSP Consultation: ARIN Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Roadmap

Mark Kosters markk at arin.net
Wed Jan 10 16:22:05 EST 2018

On 1/9/18, 4:42 PM, "ARIN-consult on behalf of David R Huberman" <arin-consult-bounces at arin.net on behalf of daveid at panix.com> wrote:
In the Proposed Roadmap, there is a bullet point:
    >    * Migrate Data to the New IRR: Where possible, ARIN will create tools 
    > and practices to help migrate data from the existing IRR to the new IRR 
    > under the authority of resource holders in the ARIN registry.
    I'm inferring from this that there will essentially be
    * irr.arin.net
    * new-irr.arin.net
    Both IRR directories will run for a period of time.  Is that accurate? Or 
    is the intention to populate the new IRR's data, stand it up, and 
    similtaneously retire the existing IRR?
Hi David

Thanks for your questions.  

It is certainly a possibility to run both IRRs in parallel. I’m not so sure if that is the best idea as it may create confusion and/or additional workload. 

Regardless, one of the big questions underneath is how to do the migration of data from the old IRR to the new IRR. Should we start anew and ignore the existing IRR? If we are to try to migrate data, what kinds of validation should we do?  And if we want to prep this a bit, what kind of analysis/reporting would the community like us to present to help guide us all to an answer? I’m not sure it is as simple as only move over old IRR objects to the new IRR when it matches what is seen in the routing system. We believe that in ARIN’s IRR there are a number of backup routes that are registered by vendors who provide services like DDOS protection. 


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