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Does this answer your question, or did I miss it?

Thanks John,

You answered part of it: as long as the POCs have been maintained with reachable email, phone and postal addresses, all is well.

What happens if the POC falls out of date and line 5b (or 4b as it was on some versions) on the original registration was essentially a fictitious name which served as an alias for the individual making the registration? Cases where the 5b name does not and never did exist as an independent legal entity? Or as Steven described, a like-named organization exists today but did not then and has no connection to the number resource?

They are the problematic cases, as we definitely do not want to deprive the original registrant
(or their legal successor) of rights to their number resources, but must take great care to avoid
facilitating a party which looks quite similar from posing as the original registrant and hijacking
those same rights.

In those situations, how does ARIN go about making the determination that the guy presenting himself is the guy who registered the resources, is in actual fact the registrant and has the authority to make updates?

Very carefully…

(Apologies for not getting into more detail, but by definition such information would provide a
playbook for those who have nefarious intent.)

I'm old enough to remember the first O'Reilly Crab Book whose advice was, "The application for an IP network address has been covered in detail because everyone should fill out this form, whether or not they are connecting to the Internet." It was good advice at the time.


John Curran
President and CEO

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