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> You most pointedly did not answer my questions, let me try them again.  
I didn't think they were good questions.

> Who is to be included in the preferred groups? 
What preferred groups? The current consultation is about increasing the Board size.
>>The members. Right now they prefer "rich white guys."
> Sorry Lee, that is not the answer to my question. The “preferred groups” are the ones for whom a seat is reserved.> But your answer does beg the question of whether we should include the poor in the preferred groups?> My question relates to defining who belongs to what groups, after the groups themselves are chosen.> For example, any group you define really represents a spectrum, and where do we define the edges of that spectrum?> If it’s women, is a personal identification as a woman enough, or do we need blood tests like the Olympics?> If it’s homeland, do you have to be a citizen, or can you have a second-home in your “homeland”?> If it’s experience, who judges whether the experience meets the bar?> If it’s nationality, what about dual-nationals?  
These are fair questions to ask when considering reserved Board seats. However, any reasonable answer to them is fine. There are several ways to decide how to define them. If this is the direction ARIN went, it would not be the first organization to do so.

> Who verifies inclusion in the groups?
>> I'm making assumptions based on the group photo and bios of the Board on ARIN's site. John used to work for a large 
>> ISP, but that was a long time ago, and he is not elected.

> Sorry, Lee, making assumptions based on photos is not verifying inclusion. 

Okay, I stretched the truth a bit. I know most of them well.

> Is Caitlyn Jenner eligible for the woman’s seat? How long must a candidate live in the Caribbean before that 
> is his homeland? How do we verify if somebody is poor, or is black, or is physically challenged? Whose job 
> is this verification, when does it occur, and to whom can decisions be appealed, under what processes?   Again, these questions would need to be resolved if we pursued this, but the answers probably won't change my opinion.
> Who among us can decide whether it’s more important that we have a representative from a large ISP or a 
> representative with a vagina? Shouldn’t that be something left to each individual member to decide?  Any 
> further steps in this direction removes that ability from the voter and lodges it where? With whom? With the 
> Board which we are assuming is hampered in its own decision-making due to the whiteness, maleness, or 
> Canadian-ness of its members?  
I pointed out earlier in this Community Consultation that generally, voting decisions are made individually. That is, one looks at the list of candidates and ranks them and votes for the top two. My perception, which could be wrong, is that people don't generally consider who would bring more breadth to the Board. Having six people with nearly identical experience leaves (or would leave) the Board without experience in other areas.

Simply adding seats probably doesn't change that, though.


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