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Hi David,

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 01:15:37PM +0000, David Huberman wrote:
> My viewpoint is AS8075 will not use it.  Like hundreds|thousands of
> others operators, we use RADB (a paid service with an SLA that works)
> for our IRR entries.

Which part works? You realise that anybody can register anything for any prefix in RADB right? ARIN now has a chance to step their game up and make it possible to offer better quality data.

Why should anybody else then Microsoft, be allowed to create route-objects that cover Microsoft space?

> My viewpoint is ARIN should not offer an IRR anymore, as there is too
> much garbage data in it, and the cost of re-development efforts
> strongly outweighs the benefits to the operational community.

This is one example how RADB can be abused:

Tying together RIR & IRR data allows operators to programmatically assess which parts of IRR we subsume into route-filters, and which parts we ignore because there is zero guarantee that the information is authorised.

Third party IRRs like RADB (or NTTCOM) cannot verify who is authorised to create route-objects or not.

Regarding cost: ARIN could be the fourth RIR to do RIR<>IRR coupling, after, other RIRs who offer this today: Afrinic, APNIC & RIPE. This is not a new concept and code already exists. An undertaking like this of course has a pricetag, however I'd be hesitant to claim that the cost will outweight the benefits.

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