[ARIN-consult] Community Consultation on IRR Route Validation

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Mon Mar 23 16:52:45 EDT 2015

I agree with Job and Gert on this.  As a member (VRSN) I'd like to see 
ARIN undertake this work as it's much more incremental and my company 
would like to see ARIN invest in fortifying and leveraging incumbent 
infrastructure and tools as opposed to longer term research projects.

Re: Job's comment: "Third party IRRs like RADB (or NTTCOM) cannot 
verify who is authorised to create route objects or not." and Gert's 
comment: "Cross-Registry authorization will still remain a not easily 
solved problem, but at least every region should have a IRR DB that has 
strongly authorized data in it concerning their own members' resources - 
and the RIR in question is the only entity that can state with 
certainity whether or not a resource holder is authorized to put in 
routing information for a given network, or not." I completely agree.

They either need to be able to validate it, or resource holders need to 
have a mechanism to specify where their resources are located -- then if 
data is stale or old cruft folks can ignore it.

Some other IRR issues are captured here:


Thanks for the consideration of this, I think it's important!


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