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Brian Johnson bjohnson at drtel.com
Wed Nov 14 12:50:17 EST 2012

Interesting perspective. Thanks David

- Brian J.

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> >> ARIN has consistently provided basic registry services for all resource
> >> holders in the region, including legacy address block holders without
> >> charge, and the proposed revision to the fee schedule would not not alter
> >> this practice.
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> > I was asked privately by two folks, so figured it was best to respond to the
> > list regarding "why would someone enter an LRSA if it means paying
> ARIN"...
> I will provide an answer to this question, at least from the perspective
> of a large legacy entity.  The University of Minnesota has 5 /16 (class
> Bs) and other miscellaneous number resources, that are critical to the
> day to day operations of the University, which is a $3 billion entity.
>  From a risk management point of view it is very much benefits the
> University to bring its Internet number resources under a modern
> contract regime with clear rights and responsibilities for both parties.
>   The lack of a clear contract rights and responsibilities are
> problematic and tenuous for both sides not just ARIN.
> Furthermore, as the registry services that we rely on are modernized
> with technologies like RPKI and DNSSEC it is critically important to
> have an explicit contract as a basis for the trust relationship
> necessary to make these technologies work.
> For at least a decade now network and Internet access have been equally
> business critical for the University as electricity, water, heating and
> cooling.  Especially with IPv4 run-out, it seems ill-advised for any
> significant entity to have resources for a critical infrastructure such
> as Internet Access to be dependent on little more than a hand-sake.
> I hope that answers "why would someone enter an LRSA if it means paying
> ARIN", because it is necessary and provides value to the resource user.
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