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Thanks for your question.

The overall goal of this proposed change is to improve all WHOIS POC data, not just those associated with organizations having direct relationship with ARIN.  Therefore this includes direct allocation/assignment POCs as well as indirect allocation/assignment POCs.
So, an ISP having all valid POCs will NOT be prevented from using ARIN Online or updating the database in cases where their downstream customers have invalid POCs.  In the example you cite, assuming ISP Jingle has valid POCs while still having invalid POCs among
the 5 downstream reassignments, ISP Jingle will have all access to all services through ARIN Online as well the ability to submit database changes to ARIN.  ISP Jingle will not be able to use ARIN Online or request database updates if it’s own POCs are not all valid.

Granted the likelihood of an indirect allocation/assignment POC using ARIN Online to maintain data is small, we still wish to provide them the capability to update their records in cases where their upstream ARIN direct organization does not.  Please note the community
requested that we include indirect POCs as part of POC validation, therefore this is consistent with that policy.


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I just want to make sure I interpret this correctly.

This is saying that direct allocation or assignment recipients of ARIN will basically be forced to update/validate the POC info before gaining any new ARIN resources.  Correct?

Its NOT saying that direct allocation or assignment recipients of ARIN who have re-assignments or re-allocations recorded in WHOIS with an invalidated or incorrect POC on a re-assignment or re-allocation visible in WHOIS will then block the direct ARIN recipient from getting more ARIN resources?  For example if direct recipient "ISP Jingle" has a /18 from ARIN and 5 of his re-assignments to his customers have invalidated or incorrect POC info, these 5 customer of ISP Jingle wont block ISP Jingle from receiving more resources from ARIN will it?  This is really only concerning the POC info on the Direct Recipient of ARIN, correct?

Thank you
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