[consult] Call for Community Consultation - Software Repository

Matt Pounsett matt.pounsett at cira.ca
Thu Jan 17 11:00:57 EST 2008

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On 2008-Jan-16, at 15:14, Member Services wrote:

> 1. Should software in this repository be restricted only to
> contributions that are licensed to be in the public domain? If so,  
> what
> license should be used (GNU/BSD/others)?

I don't see any reason to restrict based on licensing.  As long as  
the software is relevant to interaction with ARIN, and ARIN is acting  
simply as a distribution point, then I don't care if it's "gold  
plated" (as RS puts it) commercial, public-domain no-license- 
required, or anything in between.

However, if the prevailing wisdom of the community is that this  
should be limited to open source licenses, then I think it should be  
open to *all* such licenses, not just one or two.

> 2. Should the repository allow separate developers facilities to
> maintain code directly (tools like subversion) or be a static-read  
> only
> repository?

I don't see any reason for ARIN to get involved in providing  
development tools.  A static ftp/http (or whatever) based  
distribution service is plenty.

> 3. Should the repository only house collections that reflect ARIN's  
> mission?

Yes.  There are plenty of mirror sites out there for other software.   
The value in having ARIN provide a software repository is in knowing  
that is where one can get software related to dealing with ARIN  
data.  If people have to wade through unrelated software to find what  
is relevant then that value is diminished.


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