[consult] Call for Community Consultation - Software Repository

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Jan 17 10:32:06 EST 2008

At 15:14 -0500 1/16/08, Member Services wrote:

>1. Should software in this repository be restricted only to
>contributions that are licensed to be in the public domain? If so, what
>license should be used (GNU/BSD/others)?

Yes and I have no opinion on the licensing.

>2. Should the repository allow separate developers facilities to
>maintain code directly (tools like subversion) or be a static-read only

Static-read only.  What's posted should be just finished works, 
stable in some sense, not a workbench.

>3. Should the repository only house collections that reflect ARIN's mission?

Yeah, definitely.  Permission to post something should be left to the 
discretion of the staff.

I'm advocating a minimalist approach.
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