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Thu Jan 17 11:51:04 EST 2008

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>>>>> "Member" == Member Services <info at arin.net> writes:
    Member> As a result, ARIN would like to solicit input to the following questions 
    Member> from the following community:
    Member> 1. Should software in this repository be restricted only to 
    Member> contributions that are licensed to be in the public domain? If so, what 
    Member> license should be used (GNU/BSD/others)?

  I don't hink it matters, as long as anyone can download and use for no
cost.  The right to modify things is a secondary consideration.  There
are many other places to put code, and what matters is that ARIN has a
one-stop set of code that can be recommended.
    Member> 2. Should the repository allow separate developers facilities to 
    Member> maintain code directly (tools like subversion) or be a
    Member> static-read only repository?

  Please not that SCM's like git do not require any specific server
support.  FTP/HTTP is enough, although sftp/HTTP/git-daemon is preferred.
  If you want to support SVN, then consider gForge or SourceCast, or...

    Member> 3. Should the repository only house collections that reflect
    Member> ARIN's mission? 

  I think that the answer is yes, but that some discretion should be
left to the ARIN. 

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