[consult] Call for Consultation - Suggestion to Remove the WHOIS Query Result Limit

michael.c.loevner at verizon.com michael.c.loevner at verizon.com
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I've run into situations in the past where I can't lookup all of the 
resources of a company that we may be acquiring or merging with because of 
the 256 record limit.  One improvement that could be made to the WHOIS 
that might help is to include a mechanism that allows one to query for 
direct allocations only for a particular OrgID or registration holder 

Also, ARIN staff has been helpful in the past in providing the full query 
when the number of returned records exceed 256.  For myself, the 
infrequency with which I run into the query limit doesn't warrant a 
change, especially since ARIN staff is willing to provide the larger 
dataset if needed.  If anybody runs into this limit frequently, I'd like 
to hear about it. 


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Re: [consult] Call for Consultation - Suggestion to Remove the WHOIS Query 
Result Limit

What kinds of numbers are we looking at?

I mean, like, of all the "meaningful" queries, what would return the 
most?  How many would be over 1000?  When I say "meaningful" I am 
subjectively insinuating we don't care to honor data mining queries. 
(O *)

There are only two reasons to limit the number. Budget for servers 
and bandwith is one, the other is data mining.  It's hard to know 
what makes sense without more detail on why 256 is a problem and 
whether it should be, say, doubled or more.
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