[consult] Feature request: whois incorporating an rwhois sub-query

Azinger, Marla marla.azinger at frontiercorp.com
Mon Jul 23 14:59:48 EDT 2007

I would back that request.  I have desired the same thing in the past, aAnd I operate an RWHOIS for my company.  It would just make it alot easier on people trying to look at my RWHOIS DB.


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I would love to see an rwhois referral query incorporated into the 
default results or with an additional switch.  I know it could be 
(and possibly already is) incorporated into different whois clients, 
but in the past I have come across some rwhois servers that flat out 
didn't permit me to query them no matter when or where I queried them 
from.  I suspect they permitted access to ARIN and no one else.  By 
having the ARIN servers perform the rwhois query to the referral 
server and then appending it along with the current ARIN whois 
response it would lessen "selective" hearing.  As an added bonus, it 
would reduce 1 additional step for the end user.

Per the suggestion process on the ASCP webpage, I'm blindly proposing 
a time frame of a year but as this is not backed by anyone else yet I 
do not feel it is appropriate for me to request a time frame.

R. Scott Evans
Network Operations Manager
SEI Data / SEI Communications
14005 US 50, Dillsboro IN 47018
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